Grundfos Pumps & Repair

Grundfos Pump Repair

We fix and repair the Grundfos STN water booster pump range. These pumps are twin ended pumps with brass sides and have two pressure vessels on the negative head pump. If you have the following problems with your Grundfos STN negative head pump we can repair your pump in your home. All areas in Dublin are covered in our home call out service.

  • – Grundfos Water Pump not powering up.
  • – Pump works intermittently.
  • – Water Pump leaking from the shaft near the brass section.
  • – Humming or buzzing noise coming from the housing.
  • – Very low pressure in your system or lack of water.
  • – Grundfos Pump that comes on and off for no reason.

Contact Fix Your Pump today for a repair on your Grundfos  STN negative head pump.

The Grundfos pump range are manufactured in Europe and are an excellent choice water pump to boost your water pressure. We can replace all electronic components and mechanical components on the Grundfos STN water booster pumps.

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